Wednesday, November 15, 2017

A Christmas Wish

...And the Little Princess takes a handful of soft snow in her hands, closes her eyes and makes a Christmas wish and blows the magical snow everywhere...

- Featured Item - 
Delore . Dutchess Dress - Red - Amoralie Triellis {Color Me Cute} 
This elegant dress is just stunning. By far my favorite formal dress for us Bebe's, Ive ever seen. This dress comes in 14 color options. Choose from: Black, Bubblegum, Dark Purple, Emerald, Gold, Lavender, Magenta, Mint, Red, Rose, Royal Blue, Sky, White and Yellow. This dress fits Toddleedoo Baby and Bebe Body. Each dress also includes a static pose since most AO's may not work with this dress. 

- Additional Items -
pr!tty - Em - [Basics] - Karla Marama {Mainstore} 
pr!tty - Christmas Kitty - {Lights} [Snow] -  Karla Marama {Gift Item, Unknown Event}
Sari-Sari - Snow Kisses (bento) - AbbyAnne  {Mainstore}
Sim Location: {The Lost Unicorn}

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Ice Ice Bebe's

We all have that 1 friend, who tries and wears sneakers on the ice.....Poor like choice. 
- Featured Items -
! {sPs} overalls _blue - SammyJo SecretSpy {Color Me Cute}
This overall set comes in 5 different colors. Fits Toddleedoo Baby, Kid and Bebe Body size. 

Clair De Lune & Paper Damsels Grace Outfit - Cream - Adelyner and Yume Carami {Color Me Cute}
The Grace outfit comes in Blue, Black, Brown, Cream, Green, Grey, Orange, Pink, Red, White and Wine. The matching Reid outfit comes in Black, Blue, Brown, Grey, Green, Orange, Red, Salmon, and Tan. Grace includes Dress and Cardigan and HUD for Dress and Bow texture change.. Reid includes; Jean, T-Shirt and Cardigan and Texture HUD for Shirt and Jeans. Fits Toddleedoo Baby and Bebe Body.  

-Additional Items -
Beusy x Astralia: Aza Hair & Earmufss - RARE - Colorless {Mainstore}
{WF} Ice-Skates BebeBundle Dec. - PoppyMae23 {December 2016 Bebe Bundle} 
*barberyumyum*92 (anime) - toraji Voom {Mainstore}
{P*D} - Slip on Sneakers - Star - Adelyner {Mainstore}

Monday, November 13, 2017

My New Friend

I went to the Toddleedoo Fair to see the amazing setup and I made a new friend. I found some apples and decided to give him a snack. 
- Featured Items -
~Lazo - Orion Sweater - Larnia Enzo {Color Me Cute}
The Orion Sweater comes in 20 colors in a texture change HUD. Fits Toddleedoo Kid and Baby, Bebe Body.

~Lazo - TD Cady Tights - Applier - Larnia Enzo {Color Me Cute}
Cady Tights Applier TD, Bebe Body and Omega (Omega version is called leggings, as adults can turn off socks part). Cady tights come in 20 different colors. Aloe, Berry, Black, Blush, Brown, Eggplant, Grey, Lila, Marine, Mint, Ocher, Olive, Orange, Pink, Red, Rose, Sky, Tan, White and Wine. 

- Additional Items - 
.gypsy heart. Grace Fringe Boots - Coal  - Shortstuffmcgee {October 2016 Bebe Bundle}
*barberyumyum*90 (anime) - toraji Voom {Mainstore} 
Apples - From Click Poses
 Sim: {Toddleedoo Fair}
*Not yet open*

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Early Christmas

- Featured Items -
{Ribbons} Velvet Holiday Dress - Red - Alkatraz Constantine {Color Me Cute}
Available in 6 colors; Black, Blue, Green ,Pink, Purple & Red. Includes adorable velvet dress with fur color and tartan bow, the dress comes in rigged versions for ToddleeDoo Baby & Kid, and Fitted mesh version for Bad Seed Bebe Body.

{Ribbons} Holiday Tights - Black - Alkatraz Constantine {Color Me Cute}
 Darks Pack Includes Colors; Black, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Dark Pink, Dark Purple, Gray & RedLights Pack Includes Colors; Blue, Cream, Mint, Peach, Pink, Purple & White. Tights are Rigged { For ToddleeDoo } and Fitted { for Bad Seed Bebe}. They are completely opaque {no transparency} with an cozy cable knit pattern. Darks & Lights {packs sold separately} Sizes for ToddleeDoo Baby & Kid, and Bad Seed Bebe Fitted Version

{Polished} - Autumn Gold Tips - Ingridxrose {Color Me Cute}
Fits Toddleedoo, Bad See Bebe Body and Omega Nails. Comes in Crazy and Single nail options.  

- Additional Items -
.click. Little Noel - Gracie Breuer {Mainstore}
#1[^.^Ayashi^.^] Loli hair-Black&White set -Ikira Frimon {Mainstore}
#13[^.^Ayashi^.^] Loli bow(Dark set) -  Ikira Frimon {Mainstore}

Little Talks

-Featured Items-
{PB} Pillow Lounger Floral - Manuela Wardark {LTTL SMLL STYL}
Pillow Loungers have 10 animations. Animations are adjustable. Loungers are resizeable. Comes in 6 colors. Fits anyone!  Autumn pack is limited to event only!

.gypsy heart. Cooper Armchair - Family - Royal - shortstuffmcgee {Chapter 4} 
The Cooper Armchair can be found in the 2-for-1 room and has a total of 4 color packs (two in each pack) and 3 different types of menus: Adult, PG and Family.

All three menu's offer 10 singles poses and 5 couples poses. The Family option includes another 5 family poses (two parents one child) and the adult includes numerous adult animations.

.Wishes. ~ Cloudy Knee Socks ~ Crazy Socks - ZoeyWinter1212 {Ninety Nine}
The Cloudy Socks come in 16 colors, sold in 4 packs. There are 2 pastel packs and 2 darker color packs. Each pack costs $149L. There's also a fatpack that includes all 16 colors. The fun part is the fatpack because each sock is independent so you can change each sock separate from the other and wear mismatched socks! The Fatpack is $499L. They come in TD Baby, Kid and Bebe body sizes. 

.Wishes. ~ Allie Dress - ZoeyWinter1212 {Color Me Cute}
The Allie Dress comes in 5 colors and a fatpack option. The dresses are 100L a piece or 400L for all five. They fit TD Baby and Kid sizes as well as Bebe body. 

- Additional Items -
ROOST - Let's Play Epic Books - RoostHomes {Mainstore}
:CP: NorthHaven Rug, Night Table and Lamp - Isla Gealach {Mainstore}
ASO! Ai - Menieelee Gelles {Mainstore}


Where there are puddles.... you MUST play in them!

-Featured items -
{MurMur} Drizzle Jacket - OfficialMurmur {Ninety Nine}
The Drizzle jacket comes in 2 versions. One with pretty embroidery and the other plain. This jacket comes in 10 colors: Yellow, White, Pink, Peach, Mint, Lilac, Floral, Camo, Blue and Black. Fits Toddleedoo Baby and Bebe Body. 

{MurMur} Drizzle Skirt - OfficialMurmur {Ninety Nine}
The Drizzle skirt comes in 8 different colors: Black,  Blue, Lilac, Mint, Peach, Pink, White and Yellow. Matches the Drizzle Jacket and comes in Toddleedoo Baby and Bebe Body sizes.  

{Petite Bowtique} Faith Outfit Pack - Manuela Wardark {Ninety Nine}
The Faith Outfit comes with Sweater, Jeggings and Headband. Sweaters come in 5 different colors. Choose from: Dust, Lilac, Mint, Rose and Sky. Fits Toddleedoo Baby, Kid and Bebe Body Sizes. 

.click. Puddle Jumper - Gracie Breuer {Ninety Nine}
 Pose comes with 5 single kid poses. 2 Puddle props included. Poses come with rezz and animation versions and include mirrors. 

-Additional Items -
*ARGRACE* Bucket hat - Rika Oyen {Mainstore}
*ARGRACE* Bucket hat HUD - TypeA - Rika Oyen {Mainstore}
Paper Damsels - Rainy Day Boots and Umbrella - Adelyner {Mainstore}
{Clair de Lune } Addie Pink Floral Umbrella RARE - Yume Carami {Mainstore}  
.Entwined. Rose / Greyscale - VivienMarli {Uber}

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Among the flowers

- Featured Items -
 ~Lazo - Myst Parka -Larnia Enzo {Ninety Nine}
The Myst Parka comes with a 20 colors HUD for Parka and "shirt" Buttons in 5 metal colors, and light/dark version for the cord. Fits Toddleedoo Baby, Kid and Bebe Body sizes. Toddleedoo sizes come in normal and wide versions. 

{Little Miss} Baby Uggs - Cocoa *BABY - Diane Kimagawa {Ninety Nine}
The Baby Uggs come Black, Brown, Cocoa, Navy, Pink and White. Fits Toddleedoo Baby and Kid.  Mix and match with the Paddy Coat. 

{Little Miss} Paddy Coat - Brown *Baby -  Diane Kimagawa {Ninety Nine}
The Paddy Coat comes in Black, Blue Brown, Fuschia, Green, Khaki, Lemon, Navy, Peach, Pink, Red and White. Fits Toddleedoo Baby and Kid. Mix and Match with the Baby Uggs for the perfect fall/winter outfit. 

Delore - Belted Blanket Outfit - Neutral Pattern  - Amoralie Triellis {Ninety Nine}
The Belted Blanket Outfit comes in Black, Greyscale, Mint, Neutral Pattern, Pink, Red/Blue Stripe, Sunset, Taupe, and White. Fits Toddleedoo Baby and Bad Seed Bebe Body.  There is also a dress HUD included with 4 dress color options.    

{ Bellybean } Group Selfie - Bellamarie Braveheart - {Ninety Nine}
Fits 3 bebes and comes with texture change phone prop
{Polished} TD NAILS - Greyscale - Crazy Nails - Ingridxrose {Ninety Nine}
Fits Toddleedoo, Bebe Body and Tweenster nails. Comes in Single and Crazy nails.

- Additional Items -
Paper Damsels Sookie Boots - Adelyner {Mainstore}
pr!tty - Aliya - [All Color Huds] - Karla Marama {The Gacha Garden} *Gift*
*ARGRACE* TSUZURI - Whites - Rika Oyen {Mainstore}
*ARGRACE* HATSUNE - Whites - Rika Oyen {Mainstore}