Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas Recovery Day

Today is my Christmas recovery day and I am staying in my pjs and drinking hot chocolate all day!!. I am staying super cute and comfy in my new pajamas from Buttercup and drinking hot chocolate from my new cup from Tiptoes. Both of these items can be found at Thimble. Thimble is the new name for The Brick Lane Gatcha and this event opened on the 20th and closes on Jan 15th. Make sure you stop by before this event ends. I hope you all enjoy YOUR Christmas recovery day.

{Buttercup} Elfy Onesie - Green -Tayylyn {Thimble}
. tiptoes - Keepin' Warm Winter Mug - Penguin - luvquiltygg {Thimble} {Mainstore}
{Buttercup} Starry Nook - Periwinkle - Tayylyn
*This item was apart of the August Bebe Bundle*
~Dream & BunBun. Baby Bunny - Coconut - Jade Composer {Mainstore}
.Wishes. ~ Fatpack Paci  - ZoeyWinter1212 {Mainstore} {Marketplace}
=Zenith=rosette headband (Sky) - Miffyhoi Rosca {Mainstore}
Tableau Vivant \\ Biraz hair - Blondes - M4ri1yn Magic {Mainstore} {Marketplace}
Paper Damsels-Ellen Heart Necklace and Earrings - Adelyner {Mainstore}

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas Eve to you and yours! I hope everyone has a safe and magical Christmas! I want to take time to thank my amazing sponsors for allowing me to blog their amazing clothes and décor. I started blogging as something to pass time and I have grown to love it. It's been an amazing 5 months and I am looking forward to more!

The above dress is from Handmade for Ninety Nine and I think have been dying to blog this dress since I bought it. I saved it specially for this post as I felt it was very festive and obviously adorable. Handmade is a collaboration Lazy Unicorn & Enchantique and brings you 100% original mesh and textures. One thing about this dress I love are the little bows. I paired this dress with the Snug Boots from Enchantique, also from Ninety-Nine.

The pose is from Sari-Sari for Tannenbaum (which closes tomorrow!)  and is actually a best friend pose but I used it as a single pose and modified it to fit. Make sure you have a bento viewer to use this pose.

Thank you for reading my blogs these past 5 months and have a wonderful Holiday!


Handmade. Bow Sweater Dress - Green (Christmas Edition) - Angelina Markenly {Ninety-Nine}
Enchantique. Snug Boots [forest] - Angelina Markenly {Ninety-Nine}
[e] Olivia - Elikapeka Tiramisu - {Mainstore}
pr!tty - Enchanted Headband Branch Wrap Lights - {Double} - Karla Marama 
{Currently does not have a mainstore}
Sari-Sari - Snow Kisses - AbbyAnne {Tannenbaum} {Mainstore}

Lost Unicorn!

Good Morning! Today I got dressed in this super cute outfit from Wishes and went exploring one of my favorite sims. If you haven't been to the Lost Unicorn, you should go. They have a winter wonderland on the ground but in the sky they have places beautifully landscaped that still have beautiful flowers year round!
For the December round of Color Me Cute, Wishes released this adorable outfit. When I first saw this outfit I had to have it. I obviously got the pink one but this outfit comes in many colors such as cream, black, sky and lilac. For this round only, this outfit is TRANSFER. So if you have waited to do Christmas or just finishing up, you are able to gift this outfit to your friends and loved ones. Good luck those who are still shopping!

.Wishes. ~ Danielle Dress and Bloomers - ZoeyWinter1212 {Color Me Cute}
Turducken ToddleeDoo - Fairlee Sandals - Pink - Alkatraz Constantine {Mainstore}
Paper Damsels-Ellen Heart Necklace and Earrings - Alkatraz Contantine & Adelyner {Mainstore}
[Mello] LuLu Bebe Hair - CyanideSlushy - Bebe Bundle Exclusive
* My Fantasy Bunny * Pink Crown - fairyzette Sahara {The Fantasy Collective}

Monday, December 19, 2016

Pretty Little Dress

Hurry on down to Gypsy Heart! This adorable dress is currently for sale as a FATPACK! That's right.. a fatpack. For 499L, you get 12 colors. The above dress is in the color Rose Gold.This dress would be perfect for holiday photos, dinners or even New Years! 
 Only 100 will be sold so go now and pick yours up today! I already dragged my mini momma down and got her the dresses. Dresses are for sale at the Gypsy Heart mainstore!
I may or may not trying to distract from the fact that I am peeking at the presents!
*Shakes it a bit...Shhhhhh*

.gypsy heart. Holly Dress - Rose Gold - Shortstuffmcgee {Mainstore}
{ Blush. } Princess Crown -Sapphire {Rose}- Shortstuffmcgee {Blush is no longer open}
Paper Damsels-Ellen Heart Set in Rose Gold - adelyner {Mainstore}
{LPP} Pearly Flats - Silver - GemmaNoelle - {Mainstore}
Heirloom - Giftbox 2 - Meg Hadlee {Marketplace}

Little Ice Skater

I am back to the ice pond! I just love ice skating during the winter. Today I am testing out my new skates from Wildflowers. These skates are amazing on the ice. The blades are nice and sharp which allows me to just glide so easily over the ice. These skates were from the newest round of Bebe Bundle. If you haven't tried out Bebe Bundle you should! Join the Bebe Bundle group in world on Jan 1st!
To keep warm I am wearing the new sweater dress from Gypsy Heart. The Addie sweater comes in 13 color choices. The one I have on is "Frosting aka Pink" (Of course!) The other colors are Emerald, Frosting, Gold, Lilac, Plum, Royal, Ruby, Silver, Sky, Slate, Berry, Coal, and Cream. Ninety Nine opened on December 9th and is open until the end of the month. Make sure you check if out if you haven't already.

.gypsy heart. Addie Sweater - Frosting - Shortstuffmcgee {Ninety Nine}
{WF} Ice-Skates - PoppyMae23 Resident {December Bebe Bundle}
[Mello] LuLu Bebe Hair - CyanideSlushy {Bebe Bundle Exclusive}
Turducken ToddleeDoo - Polkadot Tights - White - Alkatraz Constantine {Mainstore}
{Blush.} Kawaii Uniforn - Hairbow - Pink - Shortstuffmcgee {Blush is no longer open}
*TD* Bento Mesh Head Alice - ToddleedooStore Resident {Mainstore}
*TD* Aria Skin - ToddleedooStore Resident {Mainstore}

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Winter Cutie

Clove and Juniper have released two cute new outfits for Color Me Cute. Both outfits are original mesh dresses and cardigans. Clove released the Blair outfit. The one I am wearing is in the color Melon. The other colors are Candy, Daisy, Heavenly, Mint, Ocean and Wisteria. Juniper released Sabrina. Sabrina comes with dress, matching cardigan and scarf. Sabrina comes in 8 different colors. The one I have on is the Turquoise color. The other colors are: Jade, Amethyst, Onyx, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Sapphire, and Topaz. I paired both outfits with the fringe boots from Gypsy Heart. I also painted my nails with the new December gift from Polished called Sugar Cookie. Make sure you stop by Color Me Cute and pick up these outfits!

{Juniper} Sabrina Dress, Cardi and Scarf {Turquoise} - Coconut Jillybean {Color Me Cute}
{Clove} Blair Dress and Cardi {Melon} - Lalita Rain {Color Me Cute}
.gypsy heart. Grace Fringe Boots - Tan and Navy - Shortstuffmcgee {Bebe Bundle Exclusive}
[Mello] LuLu Bebe Hair - CyanideSlushy {Bebe Bundle Exclusive}
Turducken ToddleeDoo - Polkadot Tights - White - Alkatraz Constantine {Mainstore}
*BOOM* Itsy Hair Bow cobalt - Aranel Ah {Mainstore}
{Polished} Sugar Cookie - Ingridxrose Resident - {Mainstore}
Holiday Group Gift

Morning Snuggles

I don't know about you but I love Sunday Morning snuggles. I love snuggles in general but something about waking up on a Sunday and laying in pajamas all morning, snuggled up on the couch just makes my day! This month for Bebe Bundle Lagom made this amazing chair that is perfect for any occasion. There are sits for adults, kids and Mommy/Bebe.
This round of Bebe Bundle was "Mommy and Me" themed. Which means all the items are based around matching your Mommy, Aunt, Nana, or whoever you have in your life.
The sweatpants are from Enchantique and are super comfy and warm. They are HUD based so there are plenty of colors to choose from. Bad Seed made these SUPER cute bear slippers with little Christmas hats on their heads. They are so cute! If they weren't slippers, I would hug one.
Lets talk about these cute little guys that are watching TV with me. These little rocking chairs are from Buttercup and they are currently out for Color Me Cute. These are gatcha's and there is 1 RARE and 5 commons. No matter which ones you get they are all just adorable. There are 4 poses in each rocker.
Make sure you stop by Color Me Cute. Its is currently open and the items this round are transferrable or have a gifting option.
{Hello Christmas Shopping!}
Bebe Bundle for December is no longer available for purchase but if you like any of the items shown, make sure you stay tuned for the January Bundle

On Teagan:
Enchantique - My Sweatpants - Angelina Markenly {December Bebe Bundle}
Enchantique - Little Sweater - Angelina Markenly {October Bebe Bundle}
{BB} Mermaid  - Hairbow - SamanthaFaye {Mainstore}
{This is a gatcha item}
[Mello] Cry Baby - CyanideSlushy - {December Bebe Bundle}
{Bad Seed} - Mommy & Me Bear Slippers - Eeilee - {December Bebe Bundle}

On Emery:
Enchantique - My Sweatpants - Angelina Markenly {December Bebe Bundle}
[Mello] Cry Baby - CyanideSlushy - {December Bebe Bundle}
{Bad Seed} - Mommy & Me Bear Slippers - Eeilee - {December Bebe Bundle}
Blueberry - Group Gift - Tank Top - Blueberryxx Resident {Mainstore}

LAGOM-MomNme Movie chair. - ZandraSnowpawSnyder - {December Bebe Bundle}
{Buttercup} Animal Rockers - Bunny Flop, Spots Puppy and Maxx Ruddey RARE -
Tayylyn Resident {Color Me Cute}
Fancy Decor: Winter Rug - Jake Vordun {Marketplace} {Mainstore}
dust bunny . mini christmas tree - lxlNoel Resident {Mainstore}
{what next} Christmas Gift Box Tower - Winter Thorne {Mainstore} {Marketplace}
dust bunny . camellia floor lamp -  lxlNoel Resident {Mainstore}
Kalopsia - Carol's Christmas Garland - Isabeau Baragula - {Marketplace} {Mainstore}
[ zerkalo ] Magical Christmas - Love - DanielEstro Resident {Mainstore}
The Loft  - P Frame - Colleen Desmoulins - {Mainstore}
hive // wooden christmas tree [white, red and green] - TheHiveStore Resident {Mainstore} {Marketplace}

Saturday, December 17, 2016

SIlly Girl!

Happy Saturday! Today I am wearing Gypsy Heart and Tiptoes all from the newest round of Bebe Bundle. I feel super cute and snuggly in this outfit. I have participated in Bebe Bundle since the first and I haven't been disappointed yet.
If you haven't tried it out, you should.

Gypsy Heart - Kymber and Alexis Outfit - shortstuffmcgee {December Bebe Bundle}
Tiptoes- Wool Trim Booties - iluvquiltygg {December Bebe Bundle}
Magika - Sparkle - Sabina Gully {Marketplace}

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Little Cutie! L.O.T.D.

I feel sooo cute in this outfit! This is from Paper Damsels for the December round of Bebe Bundle and it has a matching Mommy version! Bebe Bundle was released today and I am in love with EVERYTHING that was in this box. I paired this outfit with these cute flats from Babysteps. My new hair style is also from the new round of Bebe Bundle. Mellow was apart of the bundle again this round and boy, I am glad. This hair is super adorable! I added a little bow for extra girlie touch and called it a day!

Bebe Bundle is a monthly subscription box. Each month, from the 1st to the 14th, the group enrollment will be open! It will close at 11:59 on the 14th! On the 15th you will receive your box of surprise goodies, all exclusive to BeBe Bundle!

Paper Damsels - Paper Damsels-Holly Outfit- Adelyner {December Bebe Bundle}
[Mello] Cry Baby - Toddleedoo Fit - CyanideSlushy {December Round of Bebe Bundle}
{Babysteps} - Vintage Rose Slips - Aryiana Novelli -
{This was a previous Limited 50 item and is no longer available. }
Paper Damsels-Ellen Heart-necklace- rose gold - Adelyner {Mainstore}
Soda Pop Shop - Crista Bow - SammyJo SecretSpy {Once Upon A Child}

Into the woods!

Today I went for a walk and I met a little friend. Isn't she beautiful? It was super cold today but luckily I was dressed in my new outfit from Clair De Lune. This outfit is currently out for the December round of Color Me Cute. This jacket is super cute and has pretty bows and gold buttons. It also has matching bunny booties and a matching bonnet. This outfit is apart of a gatcha for CMC and comes with 8 bonnets and 8 pairs of shoes for the commons and 2 RARES (The Jackets) with color changing HUDs. The entire outfit is 100% original mesh and is only available from Clair De Lune.

Bebe Bundle also came out today and it was such a special round! This month was a little different than the rest. It was a Mommy and Bebe round and Blue's Hairs was apart of it! The Harley hair comes in non rigged versions and comes with many different hair colors.

Bebe Bundle is a monthly subscription box. Each month, from the 1st to the 14th, the group enrollment will be open! It will close at 11:59 on the 14th! On the 15th you will receive your box of surprise goodies, all exclusive to BeBe Bundle!

{Clair de Lune } Winter Rose Coat Pastels - RARE - Yume Carami -{Color Me Cute}
{Clair de Lune } Winter Bunny Boots - Yume Carami - {Color Me Cute}
{Clair de Lune } Winter Rose Bonnet {Pink} - Yume Carami {Color Me Cute}
Blues. Harley  - Avie Button - December Round of Bebe Bundle
+Half-Deer+ Spring Eternal - Fox Friend - Sakura (wear) RARE - Halogen Magic {Mainstore}

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Upon an Angel

Happy Wednesday! 

Color Me Cute opens tomorrow and my goodness there are ALOT of pretty adorable things for everyone! 
This angel dress is from Turnips and comes in an array of colors! 10 colors to be exact. This dress has little wings on the back which makes this dress, just precious. 
Polished also has come out with a nail gatcha and the polishes are pretty incredible! I am wearing the RARE crazy nails but this gatcha has 8 commons and 1 rare. May the odds be in your favor. 

Make sure you stop by Color Me Cute tomorrow and pick up gifts for you, your friends and family! 

Turnips. Angel dress - Rose - Kricket Calamity {Color Me Cute}
{Polished} Glitter Ombre - CRAZY NAILS - RARE - Ingridxrose {Color Me Cute}
[^.^Ayashi^.^] Yoko Hair-Anime set - Ikira Frimon - {Mainstore}
Turducken ToddleeDoo - Slipper Boot - Pink w/ Socks  - Alkatraz Constantine {Mainstore}
Sternberg Creations & Pretty Woman Poses - Angel Fly - Rosa32 Sternberg {Marketplace}

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Chilly Sunday Morning!

Good Morning Pretty People! I got up super early today and saw these little guys in my front yard! Arent they adorable! So I got dressed on my new shirt and puffy jacket from Little Miss, jeans from Foreign, and boots from Gimmick and ran out the door. These little guys are so cute!

Little Miss has released some new goodies this winter and they are currently for sale at Ninety Nine. The puffy vest comes with the shirt but you can purchase the texture change HUD to give you more choices to choose from. Don't forget to click the bear to get your present!

Another NEW released is from Clair De Lune. Grace has released a new bento shape STRICKTLY for the Bento Alice Mesh Head from the Toddleedoostore. The Crybaby Shape is completely customizable so you can alter your face till your little heart is content.
This shape is currently out at her Mainstore.

{Little Miss} Puffer Vest - Pink - Diane Kimagawa {Ninety Nine}
[F] 1922 Washed Denim Jeans - iaMikko {Snowscape Event}
A ticket may still need to be purchased.
Gimmick* - Winter Boots - Pink Leather - Ohce Hinterland {Ninety Nine}
pr!tty - MeMe - {Rootless} - Karla Marama - {Chapter Four}
pr!tty - Enchanted Headband Branch Wrap Lights - {Double} - Karla Marama 
{Currently does not have a mainstore}

{Clair de Lune} Crybaby Bento Shape - Yume Carami - {Mainstore}
*TD* Bento Mesh Head Alice - ToddleedooStore Resident {Mainstore}
*TD* Aria Skin - ToddleedooStore Resident {Mainstore}

Ice Princess!

*Swooshes and glides down the ice, feeling the cold breeze wash over me.*

I feel like an Ice Princess! This dress is a collaboration between Lazy Unicorn and Turnips Boutique and is 100% original mesh. I am just in love with this dress . This dress will be out at Color Me Cute on December 15th and comes is an array of colors such as Rose, Mint, Cloud, Fire, Forest and more!   I paired this dress with the new ice skates from Tiny Trinkets from the ATP Event and hit the ice! These skates are texture change and come with matching frilly socks.
Make sure to stop by Color Me Cute on December 15th and ATP is currently open!

Turnips. & Lazy Unicorn - Noel Dress - Rose - UnicornsAteMyUsername and Kricket Calamity {Color Me Cute}
{T.T} - Ice Skates - Roula Laville {ATP Event}
{SPS} - Big Hairbow from Crista Outfit - SammyJo SecretSpy {Once Upon A Child}
[Shi.S.] Ice dream Pose - Shiva Swords - {Mainstore}
*ARGRACE* AZAMI - Vanilla - Rika Oyen - {Mainstore}
*TD* Bento Mesh Head Alice - ToddleedooStore Resident {Mainstore}
*TD* Aria Skin - ToddleedooStore Resident {Mainstore}

Saturday, December 10, 2016

So Fetch!

This outfit is sooo fetch! This new outfit is from Juniper and currently out for the new round of Ninety Nine. This outfit comes in 6 different color options to choose from plus a bonus color when you purchase the fatpack. This outfit comes with matching boots and tights as well. Make sure you stop by Ninety Nine, which is now open and ready to take your lindens! 

{Juniper} - Regina Outfit in Roulette - Coconut Jillybean {Ninety Nine}
2PM - Need Me Band - Black - peachbaekdo {Mainstore}
-LaViere - Gemma - Azure Electricteeth {Mainstore}
*TD* Bento Mesh Head Alice - ToddleedooStore Resident {Mainstore}
*TD* Aria Skin - ToddleedooStore Resident {Mainstore}

Friday, December 9, 2016

Pillow Fight!

*Smacks Bella with a pillow* Giggles! I think this is the only time I'm allowed to clobber Bella with a pillow! 
Bella and I look absolutely adorable in our new nighties from Clair De Lune. These nighties are currently at the December round of Ninety Nine. There are six basic colors and three snowflake colors to choose from. They also come with matching socks!
 Ninety Nine is currently open and ready for you to shop!

On Teagan:
{Clair de Lune } Snow Flake Nightie in Red and Socks - Yume Carami {Ninety Nine}
.Wishes. 9 ~ Christmas Paci  ~ Snowman - ZoeyWinter1212 {Ninety Nine}
pr!tty - Juno - Karla Marama - {Pr!tty Side Shop}

On Bella: 
{Clair de Lune } Sleepy Cricket Nightie in Mint and Socks - Yume Carami {Ninety Nine}
pr!tty - Krissi - Karla Marama - {Limited 8}
{Meche} - Sleepy Mask in Mint - Eeilee Resident {Mainstore}

Pose and Props:
Custom Pose 
**Cute Bytes** War Pillow - Bit McMillan {Mainstore}

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Pretty Cindy In Pink!

Shhhh! This morning I got up and snuck down to the Christmas tree to see what all was underneath.  Don't tell my momma but I am trying to steal a peek at my Christmas pressies early! What she doesnt know, wont hurt her right?! 


I am wearing my new pajamas from Turnips. These pajamas were influenced by the movie The Grinch and I am channeling my inner Cindy Lou Who. These pajama's are new and will be out tomorrow for the December round of Ninety Nine. 

Make sure you stop by! 

{Turnips} - Cindy Lou Who PJs - Rose - Kricket Calamity {Ninety Nine}
*ARGRACE* KOYOMI - Rika Oyen {Mainstore}
Meche - Sleepy Mask - Rose - Eeilee Resident and Alkatraz Constantine {Mainstore}
~*Buglets*~ Cozy Lil Slipper [Floral] RARE  - Elli Kenin - {Mainstore}
Pose: Heirloom - Meg Hadlee - Gift Version 1 - {Marketplace}

Oh to be a Gilmore!

Juniper - Rory Outfit (Bonus Color)

Clove - Lorelai Outfit (Bonus Color)

Clove and Juniper have come out some adorable new outfits for Ninety Nine. The outfits above are named after two of my FAVORITE characters from my favorite tv show. #teamlogan! 

The Rory outfit from Juniper comes in 6 colors with 3 bonus colors in the fatpack! The one picture is from the bonus pack. It also comes with tights and matching boots! 

The Lorelai outfit is from Clove and comes in 6 colors with 1 bonus color in the fatpack. The dress also comes with matching ruffle socks. 

The dresses are original mesh, so you will only find them at Clove and Juniper. 

Another store has released some amazing items for Ninety Nine. Polished has come out with some beautiful polishes for this Christmas season. The two polishes I have worn are from the Snowflake and the Holiday Glitter collection. I paired the navy snowflake polish with the Rory outfit and the Silver glitter polish with the Lorelai. Also, check out the Polished Mainstore for the new group gift. 

Ninety Nine opens tomorrow! 


Photo 1: 
{Juniper} - Rory Outfit - Coconut Jillybean - {Ninty-Nine}
{Polished} - Snowflake - Ingridxrose - {Ninty-Nine}
pr!tty - MeMe - {Rootless} - Karla Marama - {Chapter Four}
pr!tty - Enchanted Headband Branch Wrap Lights - {Double} - Karla Marama 
{Currently does not have a mainstore}
{Confetti Poses} Coffee - Brenda02 - {Marketplace}
Photo Location: {Winterhaven}

Photo 2:
{Clove} - Lorelai - Lalita Rain - {Ninty-Nine}
{Polished} - Holiday Glitter - Ingridxrose - {Ninty-Nine}
pr!tty - MeMe - {Rootless} - Karla Marama - {Chapter Four}
[Bad Seed & Lazy Unicorn] Mary Jane Platforms - Pink - Eeilee Resident and UnicornsAteMyUsername {From the November Round of Bebe Bundle}
~ Dream ~ Baby's Breath - cajsakamille - {Marketplace}
pr!tty - Enchanted Headband Branch Wrap Lights - {Double} - Karla Marama 
{Currently does not have a mainstore}
Photo Location: {Lost Unicorn}

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

My Little Look Book Version 1

Ohai pretty people! I decided to do something a little different. The following outfits are from Juniper and Clove. Below I will list what each outfit is, what accessory I have on (if any) and where you can get it.

Look One:
This dress is from Juniper. The one I have on is called Pandora in Pink Quartz. There are other color options such as Amethyst, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire and Topaz. This outfit also comes with matching shoes. I decided to finish this look off with a headband from Paper Damsels. 

{Juniper} Pandora Dress - Coconut Jillybean - Pink Quartz - {Mainstore}
Paper Damsels - Melanie Headband in Cream - Adelyner {Mainstore}

Look Two: 
These adorable pajamas are perfect for the Christmas Season. These pajama were apart of the November Group Gift for Juniper. These are currently still out at the mainstore! Make sure you wear your group tag to get them! 

{Juniper} - Gingerbread Pajama's - Coconut Jillybean - {Mainstore}

Look Three: 
This outfit just screams Christmas to me. This outfit comes in Purple, Blue, Red, Green, Grey and Black. It comes with matching shoes, tights and fur stole. The dress and tights come in 2 color options. White or Black. This dress is also located at the mainstore! 

{Juniper} - Olivia in Red - Coconut Jillybean - {Mainstore}
{Buglets} - Little Ms. Clause Bell - Elli Kenin {The Playroom}
*This is a free gift, wear the group tag*

Look Four:
The last and final outfit comes from Clove. This is the April outfit. This outfit comes in Candy, Halo, Heavenly, Melon, Ocean and Wisteria. This dress comes with matching shoes . I just love how whimsical this dress looks and of course, THE BOW! This outfit is currently out at the Clove Mainstore. 

{Clove} - April in Halo - Lalita Rain {Mainstore}

Hair worn in all 4 photos is: 
Tableau Vivant \\ Biraz hair - M4ri1yn Magic {Mainstore}

Just Hanging Out

Once Upon A Child opened on the 5th and they have lots of fun items this round. Strawberry Jam  has released two new poses. The one pictured above is called "Hangin' On" Its great parent child pose or in my case, a great pose for big and little me.  The outfit little me has on, is the new outfit from Soda Pop Shop It is a perfect holiday outfit.
 Once Upon A Child is now open. Go check it out and make sure you get the free gifts under the tree. 

Credits - Teagan:
Outfit: Soda Pop Shop -  Christa {Once Upon A Child}
Entire complete outfit: Tights, Skirt, Top, Hairbow, Snowflake stars, Shoes
Tableau Vivant \\ Biraz hair - M4ri1yn Magic {Mainstore}

Pose: Glamrus Kids . Rain - Glamrus Resident {Mainstore}{Marketplace}

Credits: Emery:
{Blueberry}- Denise Leggings - Black - Blueberryxx -{Mainstore}{Marketplace}
Erratic - Ava Sweater in White - Erratic Rain - {Mainstore} {Marketplace} - Greta Boots (Santa) - Darling Monday 
*Free gift from under the tree at The Arcade*
/Wasabi Pills/ Marissa Mesh Hair - Missallsunday Lemon {Mainstore}

Pose: {Strawberry Jam} - Hangin' On - AvaGracee {Once Upon A Child}

Monday, December 5, 2016

Channeling my inner Unicorn!

Tonight I am channeling my inner unicorn and I'm completely okay with it! 
 December 9th is right around the corner and what does that mean?! A NEW round of Ninety Nine! 

I am a proud new blogger for Clove and Juniper and I am so thrilled to be wearing this new outfit from Clove! The Amelie outfit comes in 5 colors with a bonus color for the fatpack. I paired this outfit with new boots from Enchantique for Ninety Nine as well. I even included my unicorn friend! We match perfectly! 

{Clove} Amelie  - Unicorn (Bonus Color) - Lalita Rain {Ninety Nine}
Enchantique - Snug Boots (Rose) - Angelina Markenly {Ninety Nine} 
*Baby Pie* Sparkly Unicorn Horn - Gabrielle Gregory {Mainstore}
{Polished} - Peppermint - Ingridxrose - {Once Upon A Child}
Doe: Blythe - Helyanwe Vindaloo - {Sanarae}
Fawny - The Legend of Unicorns - Companion - Pink -AkiraKiyoi Resident - {Mainstore}

Sleigh All Day!

We are only 5 days into December and my little wallet is already crying. All the cute Christmas and Winter clothes are coming out and I want them ALL! This outfit above is coming soon to the December round of Color Me Cute from Gypsy Heart and I just love it. This sweater dress will be a gatcha. The rares will be in 2 different packages. The RARE I have on says, "Sleigh All Day" and the other one says, "Ho Ho Hamambe" There are 10 commons and 2 RARE packs. Tons of colors options to collect. Gypsy also released new boots with a sock and no sock option. These boots come in cotton, coal, chestnut, sand, chocolate, espresso, frosting, sky, lilac and slate. The socks for these boots are texture change. So customize as you see fit! As always, dress and boots are 100% original mesh! Color Me Cute opens on December 15th! 


Once Upon A Child opened today and Polished has some sweet new polishes for you! I am wearing the Peppermint polish in Red but there are 4 other colors plus the crazy nails in this pack. There is also the "Sweater Weather" nail pack. Make sure you go pick these up to add some pop to your winter outfits! 

.Gypsy Heart. Ugly Festive Sweaters - Sleigh All Day - Shortstuffmcgee {Color Me Cute}
.gypsy heart. Cricket Boots w/ Socks - Cotton - Shortstuffmcgee {Color Me Cute}
Paper Damsels-Bebe Heart-Necklace in Silver - Adelyner - {Mainstore}
{Polished} - Peppermint - Ingridxrose - {Once Upon A Child}
Doe: Blythe - Helyanwe Vindaloo - {Sanarae}
{ Blush. } Flora Headband - Shortstuffmcgee - {Tinted to Christmas Colors}
Blush is no longer available in world or marketplace

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Drops of Juniper!

*Twirls and Twirls showing off my new dress, then picks up mommy's ornaments. Shhh. 
Aren't they both oh so pretty?!*

Today I am showing off my new dress from Juniper. I just love this dress. It is super fancy and I just love dressing up. This dress comes in many different colors and is located at the mainstore now. This dress also comes with matching shoes and headband and would makes an excellent Christmas Eve party dress! Perfect for fancy dinners or the awesome family photos. 

Credits Below:
{Juniper} Nelly {B} Emerald\Gold - Coconut Jillybean {Mainstore}
{Polished} - Sweater Weather - Ingridxrose {Once Upon A Child}
*barberyumyum*85 - toraji Voom {Mainstore}
{Nimble} - Gold Bow Earring - November Round of Bebe Bundle
Custom Pose