Saturday, November 11, 2017

Little Talks

-Featured Items-
{PB} Pillow Lounger Floral - Manuela Wardark {LTTL SMLL STYL}
Pillow Loungers have 10 animations. Animations are adjustable. Loungers are resizeable. Comes in 6 colors. Fits anyone!  Autumn pack is limited to event only!

.gypsy heart. Cooper Armchair - Family - Royal - shortstuffmcgee {Chapter 4} 
The Cooper Armchair can be found in the 2-for-1 room and has a total of 4 color packs (two in each pack) and 3 different types of menus: Adult, PG and Family.

All three menu's offer 10 singles poses and 5 couples poses. The Family option includes another 5 family poses (two parents one child) and the adult includes numerous adult animations.

.Wishes. ~ Cloudy Knee Socks ~ Crazy Socks - ZoeyWinter1212 {Ninety Nine}
The Cloudy Socks come in 16 colors, sold in 4 packs. There are 2 pastel packs and 2 darker color packs. Each pack costs $149L. There's also a fatpack that includes all 16 colors. The fun part is the fatpack because each sock is independent so you can change each sock separate from the other and wear mismatched socks! The Fatpack is $499L. They come in TD Baby, Kid and Bebe body sizes. 

.Wishes. ~ Allie Dress - ZoeyWinter1212 {Color Me Cute}
The Allie Dress comes in 5 colors and a fatpack option. The dresses are 100L a piece or 400L for all five. They fit TD Baby and Kid sizes as well as Bebe body. 

- Additional Items -
ROOST - Let's Play Epic Books - RoostHomes {Mainstore}
:CP: NorthHaven Rug, Night Table and Lamp - Isla Gealach {Mainstore}
ASO! Ai - Menieelee Gelles {Mainstore}

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