Friday, December 15, 2017

Sleigh Buddies!

- Featured Items -
Clair De Lune & PD Remy Outfit and Scarf - Pink - Adelyner and Yume Carami {Color Me Cute}
The Remy Outfit is a collab outfit between Paper Damsels and Clair De Lune. This outfit comes with Scarf Top and Pants. The scarf is unrigged. Comes in Black, Pink, Blue, Brown, Cream, Dark blue, Green, Grey, Mint, Purple, Red and White. Each set comes with a texture change HUD to change scarf pom poms and pants. Fits Toddleedoo Baby and Bebe Body Fitted. 

{Lula Belle} Dolly PomPom Boots - Chocolate - KatelynZachary  {Color Me Cute}
Nine Colors Available. Fits Toddleedoo Baby, Kid and Bebe Body Fitted
~Lazo - Killi Pullover - Larnia Enzo {Color Me Cute}
Killi Pullover with 10 colors HUD - TD Kid and Baby, Bebe Body. Killi will come in normal copy version and no copy but transferable version. 

- Additional Items -
{ Blush. } Flora Headband - Shortstuffmcgee {Store no longer open}
. tiptoes - Bebe Bundle - Dec - Wool Trim Booties - iluvquiltygg {December 2016 Bebe Bundle}
.gypsy heart. Presley Jeans - Los Angeles - Shortstuffmcgee {Mainstore}
Magika - Seven Days - Sabina Gully {Mainstore}
Magika - A Perfect Mess - Sabina Gully {Mainstore}
{Ribbons} Astrid Shape - Alkatraz Constantine {Mainstore}
[okkbye] - Emmaline - Elisaokkbye {Mainstore}
{ Bellybean } Let's go sledding! // 4 // Our sled - Bellamarie Braveheart {Mainstore}

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