Friday, January 26, 2018

Floral Cutie

 - Featured Items -
~Lazo - Fiorella Dress  - Larnia Enzo {The Little Market}
The Fiorella Dress comes in 7 colors and fits Toddleedoo Baby, Kid and Bebe Body sizes. 

The Little Market is a new event where you can "haggle" the prices of items. If you wanna buy something, then just click the vendor and type "Haggle" in local chat Opens at the 27th of January and ends on the 22th of February

{ Clair de Lune } Ophelia Skin and Shape - Yume Carami {Mainstore}
Ophelia comes in 7 colors, with 5 brow options, shape is sold separately. 

- Additional Items -
{ Bellybean } Cutie Bento Poses - Bellamarie Braveheart {Mainstore}
=Zenith=lolita Bow Headpiece (all Color) - Exclusive - Miffyhoi Rosca {Epiphany Exclusive} [Buzz] Breeze Eyes (Pack) RARE - Eleri Catlyn {Mainstore}
~ToddleeDoo - Baby (v.3.9) - ToddleeDooStore {Mainstore}
*TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice - Head (v.0.9.7) - ToddleeDooStore {Mainstore}
.Wishes. ~ Ballet Flats ~ Fatpack {Bow} - ZoeyWinter1212 {Mainstore} 
/Wasabi Pills/ Happy Mesh Hair - Style 1 - B&W - MissAllSunday Lemon {Mainstore} 

Thursday, January 18, 2018

L.O.T.D. 01.18.18

- Featured Item -
{Little Miss} Sweater Jumpskirt - Diane Kimagawa {Color Me Cute}
The sweater jumpskirt comes in Beige, Black, Brown, Gray, Maroon, Moss, Navy, Orange, Pink and Sky. Fits Toddleedoo Baby and Kid. Inner shirt HUD, (contains 12 color options ) Add on - Sold Separately. 

- Additional Items - 
 7.Doe: V1 BunBun - Monotone - Helyanwe Vindaloo {Epiphany}
+Half-Deer+ Pomeranian [Cuddle Companion] RARE - Halogen Magic {Epiphany}
TRUTH HAIR Betsy -  black & whites - Truth Hawks {Mainstore}
-tres blah- Open Robe (Maitreya) - Breeze 4 - Julliette Westerburg {Mainstore}
Enchantique. Snug Boots [gum] - Angelina Markenly {Mainstore} 
REIGN.- BABE CAVE OTTOMAN (SILVER)- # 16 - KenadeeCole  {Epiphany}
REIGN.- BABE CAVE CLOSET- # 2 RARE - KenadeeCole  {Epiphany}
+Half-Deer+ Pomeranian - Stand (Golden) -  Halogen Magic {Epiphany}
+Half-Deer+ Pomeranian - Roll Over (Merle) - Halogen Magic {Epiphany}
+Half-Deer+ Pomeranian - Stand (Husky) - Halogen Magic {Epiphany}
+Half-Deer+ Pomeranian - Lay (Snow) -  Halogen Magic {Epiphany}
Ariskea[Patisserie] Vase Flower - Diaxm Resident {Mainstore}

Monday, January 15, 2018

L.O.T. D 1.15.18

 - Featured Items -
~Miele~ [EXCLUSIVE] CupCake Romper {Boho} - Almira Palmira {Color Me Cute} 
*TD* Star - NuSkin - Applier  - Toddleedoo Resident {Mainstore}

-Additional Items -  
#1[^.^Ayashi^.^] Mimiko hair-Black&White set - Ikira Frimon {The Gacha Guardians}
#14[^.^Ayashi^.^] Mimiko headdress RARE - Ikira Frimon {The Gacha Guardians}
[Khaleesi] Diane Shape - Almira Palmira {Mainstore}
.tsg. Bow Booties - ManilaxPink - Eilfie Sugarplum {Mainstore} 
~ToddleeDoo - Baby (v.4.0.2 FITTED) - Toddleedoo Resident {Mainstore} 
1. [Buzz] Breeze Eyes - RARE -  Eleri Catlyn {Mainstore}

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Looks of the day 1.13.18

 - Featured Items -
{Ribbons} Binni Top - Sage - Alkatraz Constantine {Color Me Cute}
{Ribbons} Etsuko Pants - Mid - Floral - Alkatraz Constantine {Color Me Cute}
{tg.} - my little heart chair. - Gemma Bodenhall {Ninety Nine} 
~Lazo - Fluffy Skirt/Legging - Larnia Enzo {Color Me Cute}
~Lazo - Fluffy Jacket -  Larnia Enzo {Color Me Cute}
Enchantique. Henry Sweater [LIGHT ice]  - OfficialEnchantique {Ninety Nine}
{Blubb} Shy - Jennah Jinx {Marketplace}

- Additional Items -
 pr!tty - Dakota - [Essentials] - [Half Down] RARE - Karla Marama {Chapter 4}
pr!tty - Dakota - [Updo] - [All Color Huds] SUPER RARE - Karla Marama {Chapter 4}
. tiptoes - Wool Knit Boots - Light RARE - iluvquiltygg {Mainstore}
{T.T}Star winter Boots - Roula Laville {Mainstore} 
{Little Miss} Buttoned Skirt - Mid   - Diane Kimagawa {Mainstore}
{Ribbons} Astrid Shape - Alkatraz Constantine {Mainstore}
[Buzz] Breeze Eyes (Pack) RARE - Eleri Catlyn {Mainstore}

Just Relaxing

- Featured Items - 
~Lazo - Winterboots w/o sound- Larnia Enzo {Ninety Nine}
These new Winterboots from Lazo come in 3 different texture packs. Each pack has 5 textures each for 199L and the Fatpack option includes all 3 packs for 499L. These boots also come with a sock and no sock option plus a sound and no sound option. Fits Toddleedoo Baby, Kid and Bebe Body sizes. 

.BASIL. Mermaid Dreams - radiomixx {The Playroom}
This Gacha has 10 Commons and 1 RARE and in 2 color options - Mint and Pink. The Rare bed is texture change (2 colors) and has 6 poses.
.BASIL. Mer Bed - RARE
.BASIL. Pink Mer Curtain
.BASIL. Mer Nightstand
.BASIL. Pink Brush.. fork Hanging
.BASIL. Mint Mermaid Magic
.BASIL. Mint Mer Sign - radiomixx

{tg.} - i'm this many! - 3 - boxed. RARE - Gemma Bodenhall {The Playroom}
 Im This Many gacha has 6 commons and 1 RARE to collect. Block props are included and fit 1 child avi.

- Additional Items - 
~Dream. Parka - Pink  - cajsakamille {Mainstore}
~Lazo - TD Cady Tights - Applier - Berry - Larnia Enzo {Mainstore}
pr!tty - Dakota - [Updo] - [All Color Huds] SUPER RARE - Karla Marama {Chapter 4}
pr!tty - Dakota {Gacha} - ??? - UNCOMMON - Glasses - Karla Marama {Chapter 4}
paper Damsels Skye Bento Ring Set - Adelyner {Mainstore}
{moss&mink} Roses lamp - Cielo Capalini {Mainstore}
MuddPuddles: Winter Dreams Rug - IsabellRaven {Mainstore}
.BASIL. My Little Wardobe - radiomixx {Mainstore}
{Ribbons} Astrid Shape - Alkatraz Constantine {Mainstore}
[okkbye] - Emmaline - Elisaokkbye {Mainstore}
[Buzz] Breeze Eyes (Pack) RARE - Eleri Catlyn {Mainstore}

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Cozy Cuite

- Featured Item -
[ELODIE] Jesse Lights - Ellievanillie {Ninety Nine}
Jesse comes in two packs: Lights and Darks. There are 8 shirt and 2 jeans textures options in each back. Fits Toddleedoo Baby and Bebe body sizes. 

- Additional Items -
Astralia - Huyu Beanie and Hair - Astralia  {Mainstore}
[ELODIE] Harley Loafer - Ellievanillie {Mainstore}
{Ribbons} Astrid Shape - Alkatraz Constantine {Mainstore}
[okkbye] - Emmaline - Elisaokkbye {Mainstore}
[Buzz] Breeze Eyes (Pack) RARE - Eleri Catlyn {Mainstore}