Sunday, April 29, 2018

Cabana Fun!

- Featured Items -
{moss&mink} Lily Outdoor Set - Sofa and Chair - Cielo Capalini {Illuminate}
14 Single, 10 Couple and 8 Adult animations. Mix and match with 20 colors and 10 pattern HUD. 

.gypsy heart. Mariah Swim Suits - Shortstuffmcgee {Mainstore}
Maitreya Exclusive. 5 color option. Each pack includes top, bottom and addition white bottom. Mix and Match to your liking. Original rigged mesh. 

Nourish . popsicle tray & plate -  nourishstore {Illuminate Shelf}
1 Land Impact each. 49L/each . Copy and Mod permissions.

- Additional Items -
#Besom~ Henna #12 *Blondes* - kattington {Mainstore} 
Stealthic x Toksik - 11. TKS Sunglasses (Silver x Black) - Crxsxs and Stealthic {Mainstore}
Pretty Mess - Serenity Watch - Skye Everidge {Mainstore}
7.Doe: Melody - Monotone - Helyanwe Vindaloo {Sanarae} 
~Lazo - Rufflekini - Bebe Body - Larina Enzo {Mainstore}  

- Decor-
GOOSE - fortress pergola - tyrek {Mainstore}
The Loft - Soft & Subtle [Arcade] - Flouncy Rug - Colleen Desmoulins {Mainstore}
Apple Fall Period Coffee Table - warehousefifteendesigns {Mainstore}
{moss&mink} Bottled Flowers - White - Cielo Capalini {Mainstore}
{moss&mink} Plant - Ficus (White) - Cielo Capalini {Mainstore}
{moss&mink} Heart Drop Lights - Cielo Capalini {Mainstore}
{moss&mink} Plant - Palm (White) - Cielo Capalini {Mainstore}
:BoWillow: Fresh Lemonade Jug - 8isGreatDontBlate  {Mainstore}
:BoWillow: Cup Of Lemonade -  8isGreatDontBlate  {Mainstore}


Saturday, April 21, 2018

L.O.T.D. 04.21.18

 - Featured Items -
{Lula Belle} Lydia Dress - Sunshine - KatelynZachary {Color Me Cute}
The Lydia dress comes in 10 different colors. Choose from Blush, Ivory, Lilac, Mint, Olive, Peach, Sky, Smoke, Sunshine and Tan. Fits Toddleedoo Baby FITTED and Bebe Body FITTED. 

{Little Miss} Poplin Jumper - Lemon - Diane Kimagawa {Color Me Cute}
The Poplin Jumper comes in 10 different colors Choose from Black, Blue, Brown, Gray, Lemon, Maroon, Mint, Moss, Navy and Pink. Fits Toddleedoo Baby only. Additional Inner shirt mix and match HUD sold separately.  

.BASIL. Rhea Daybed - radiomixx {Color Me Cute}
The Rhea Daybed sits two kids at a time. Has 18 animations. Texture change HUD for customization of the pillows, blanket, wood and metals. 

{moss&mink} Bottled Flowers - White and Heart Drop Lights - Cielo Capalini {Bloom}
Flowers come with Black and White bottle colors. Two of the three items set out for Bloom. Not pictured is a pretty counter that comes with a color change HUD with 20 colors to choose from.

- Additional Items -
#Besom~Precious Bunny Gift Set - kattington {Mainstore}
#1[^.^Ayashi^.^] Mimiko hair-Black&White set - Ikira Frimon {Mainstore}
{Blubb} Poser-Pose Set - Jennah Jinx {Marketplace}
glamrus kids . April - GlamRus {Mainstore}
{Clove} Lily {Baby Sandals}{Lemon} - Lalita Rain {Marketplace}
{A.F.A.} MINE Posters - Izzyie Arado {Color Me Cute}
 {moss&mink} Ornate divider (White) - Cielo Capalini {Mainstore}
{moss&mink} Picnic in the Park - Vintage Radio - Cielo Capalini {Mainstore}
{moss&mink} Cake & Lace - Floral Vase - Cielo Capalini {Mainstore}
dust bunny . round end table - lxlNoel {Mainstore}
Kalopsia - Bibi's Rug - Purple - Isabeau Baragula {Mainstore} 

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Down you go!

- Featured Items -
{Lula Belle} Audrey Dress - KatelynZachary {Color Me Cute} 
The Audrey Dress comes in 8 colors. Choose from Smoke, Sky, Mint, Lilac, Cotton, Coal, Blush and Peach. Each dress comes with 2 versions.Fits Toddleedoo Baby and Kid - NON Fitted and Bebe Body Fitted. 

{Ribbons} Angie Pjs - Alkatraz Constantine {Color Me Cute}
Angie Pjs come 6 different colors; Blue, Cream, Mint, Pink, Purple and White. Fits Toddleedoo Baby FITTED and Bebe Body Fitted.  

[Lazy Unicorn] Hair Towel Wrap - Mint - UnicornsAteMyUsername {Color Me Cute}
 The Caisie Beach Set Gacha comes with 12 commons and 4 Rares. Arm Floatie, Floatie Tube and Hair towel wrap are the commons and Bathing suits are RARES. 
Each come in 4 colors; Blue, Pink, Mint and Purple. 
Swimsuits fit Toddleedoo Baby Fitted and Bebe Body Fitted.

{tg.} - you first! - Gemma Bodenhall  {Color Me Cute}
Static pose for 2 TD Baby. Tintable basket prop. 
*I did alter the legs in this pose for my photo*

- Additional Items -
.Blue Olive. the Pumpkin Hair Gacha - Bangs # 3 - Avie Button - Gacha item, check MP
#Foxy - Lovestoned Hair (Grayscales) - Liza Broono {Kustom 9}
[ELODIE] Marlie Leggings - {Black}- Ellievanillie {Mainstore} 
04. LAGOM- IMEA Hallway [Poof] - ZandraSnowpawSnyder {Mainstore} 
+Half-Deer+ Beagle Puppy - Play Wif Me - Halogen Magic {Mainstore} 
Bad Seed Bebe Body V 2.3.1 - Fitted - Eeilee {Mainstore}
[Buzz] Breeze Eyes (Pack) RARE - Eleri Catlyn {Mainstore} 
*TD* Baby Mesh Head #Bento - ALICE - Toddleedoostore {Mainstore}
{ Clair de Lune } Odette Skin - Tone 3 - Yume Carami {Mainstore}
-Shape is custom -

Friday, April 13, 2018

Cool Kids

- Featured Items -
 ~Lazo - Swag Pants -Larina Enzo {Color Me Cute}
The Swag Pants have 5 colors per pack. The fatpack comes with one exclusive color. Fits Toddleedoo Baby and Kid and Bebe Body Fitted. 

Clair De Lune -Paper Damsels -Sei Outfit - Adelyner and Yume Carami {Color Me Cute}
The Sei outfit comes with the tops and pants joined together. Glasses for your face or shirt in square or round versions. 13 top colors, 4 belt belt colors, 4 glasses colors.  Buy your jean color. Fits Bebe Body Fitted and Toddleedoo Baby - Non Fitted.

- Additional Items - 
Posies-Dance Crew - siera Viper {Mainstore}
{Little Miss} Kawaii Tee - Fuschia - Diane Kimagawa {Mainstore}
taketomi - CLIQUE002 - Platinums - Bella Earst {Mainstore}
*barberyumyum*T02(mix) - toraji Voom {Mainstore}

Beach Fun!

~Lazo - Rufflekini  - Larina Enzo {Ninety Nine}
Every pack comes with 5 colors mix and match. Fatpack available with one extra exclusive color. 
Fits Toddleedoo Baby and Bebe Body Fitted. 

gypsy heart. Hanna Dress - Nautical Pack - Navy - shortstuffmcgee {Bloom} 
The Hanna Dress is Maitreya Exclusive.  Comes in 7 color packs with 5 colors in each pack. That's 35 colors options! Materials Enabled. 100% original mesh and textures

- Additional Items -
[monso] My Hair - Jeonso /Black & White - Morphine Janick {Mainstore}
Click - Toddler Sit 3 - Gracie Breuer {Mainstore}
[ Focus Poses ] Tropical Beach Backdrop - Carol Kling {Marketplace}
[ Focus Poses ] Summer Drinks Cooler -  Carol Kling {Marketplace}
[ Focus Poses ] Beach Bag -  Carol Kling {Marketplace}
<:*BoOgErS*:> Baby Deck Table and Chair - Ariel - Zen Zarco {Mainstore}
Kirin - Beach Ball Pose - Carolina Sautereau {Mainstore}
Clair de Lune } Ophelia Skin  - Yume Carami {Mainstore}
{Ribbons} Astrid Shape - Alkatraz Constantine {Mainstore}
 [Buzz] Breeze Eyes (Pack) RARE - Eleri Catlyn {Mainstore}
~ToddleeDoo - Baby (v.3.9) - ToddleeDooStore {Mainstore}
 *TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice - Head (v.0.9.7) - ToddleeDooStore {Mainstore}

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

L.O.T.D. 04.11.18

 - Featured Items - 
[ELODIE] Mia - Ellievanillie {Ninety Nine}
Rigged for Toddleedoo Baby and Bad Seed Bebe Fitted. 6 colors to pick. Fatback includes bonus color.  

[ELODIE] - Harper - Ellievanillie {Color Me Cute}
Rigged for Toddleedoo Baby and Bad Seed Bebe Fitted. 7 top colors, 13 Jean colors. Shirt Fatpack includes 6 extra colors.  

{Little Miss} Poplin Jumper - Easter Bunny - Diane Kimagawa {Mainstore}
Lucky board gift. Fits Toddleedoo Baby only. 

{ Bellybean } :Her: Bento Poses - Bellamarie Braveheart {Ninety Nine}
5 Single static Bebe Poses. Bento Hand Animated.  

- Additional Items -
{T.T}Pearl Princess Shoes - roula Laville {Ninety Nine}
Delore . Pom Pom Flats - Amoralie Triellis {Mainstore}
[ELODIE] Lilah Sandals -  Ellievanillie {Mainstore}
LAGOM - Colorbomb Backdrops - [Sprinkles] #06 RARE - ZandraSnowpawSnyder
*ARGRACE* KIRI [B] - Rika Oyen {Mainstore}
*barberyumyum*90 (anime) - toraji Voom {Mainstore}
Doe: Kiki - Monotone - Helyanwe Vindaloo {Mainstore}
 Clair de Lune } Ophelia Skin  - Yume Carami {Mainstore}
{Ribbons} Astrid Shape - Alkatraz Constantine {Mainstore}
 [Buzz] Breeze Eyes (Pack) RARE - Eleri Catlyn {Mainstore}
~ToddleeDoo - Baby (v.3.9) - ToddleeDooStore {Mainstore}
Bad Seed Bebe Body V 2.3.1 - Eeilee {Mainstore}
*TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice - Head (v.0.9.7) - ToddleeDooStore {Mainstore}

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Look it!

- Featured Items -
! {sPs} denim & lace - Sammyjo SecretSpy {Mainstore}
Comes with dress, shorts and matching sandals. Fits Toddleedoo Baby, Kid and Bebe Fitted. 

[ELODIE] Mandy - Ellievanillie {Boutique Explorers}
Comes in 5 colors with matching white tights. Fits Toddleedoo Baby and Bebe Body Fitted. 

- Additional Items -
Doe: Kallie - Indecisive RARE - Helyanwe Vindaloo {Lootbox}
*ARGRACE* ASAGAO - Whites - Rika Oyen {Mainstore}
{ Bellybean } Easter Fun // 6 // Sharing is best - Bellamarie Braveheart {Check MP for Extras}
Clair de Lune } Ophelia Skin  - Yume Carami {Mainstore}

{Ribbons} Astrid Shape - Alkatraz Constantine {Mainstore}

 [Buzz] Breeze Eyes (Pack) RARE - Eleri Catlyn {Mainstore}

~ToddleeDoo - Baby (v.3.9) - ToddleeDooStore {Mainstore}

*TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice - Head (v.0.9.7) - ToddleeDooStore {Mainstore}