Thursday, August 30, 2018

My Pumpkins!

- Featured Item -
~Lazo - Hazel Dress - Larina Enzo {Shop Hop}
Five colors. Fits Toddleedoo Baby, Kid and Bebe Body. 

- Additional Items - 
.click. Pumpkin Ruler - Gracie Breuer {Mainstore}
.gypsy heart. Grace Fringe Boots - shortstuffsmcgee {Mainstore}
pr!tty - Pop - [Grayscales] - Karla Marama {Mainstore}
Paper Damsels - Melanie Headband - cream - Adelyner {Marketplace}
*some items may not be on the MP*
~Lazo - TD Cady Tights - Applier - Larina Enzo {Mainstore}
TD- Toddleedoo Baby (3.9) Non - Fitted - ToddleedooStore  {Mainstore}

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

L.O.T.D. 08.29.18

 - Featured Items -
~Lazo - Luke Shirts - Larina Enzo {Mainstore}
~Lazo - Liam Shorts - dis - Larina Enzo {Mainstore}
Luke shirts and Liam shorts comes in 5 colors per pack and 2 Fatpack exclusive colors/patterns. Fits Toddleedoo Baby Fitted and Bebe Body Fitted. Liam shorts comes in distressed and non distressed denim. Unisex. 

{Little Miss} Hoodie Jogging Set - Diane Kimagawa {Mainstore}
 Fits Toddleedoo Baby (Non-Fitted) Comes in Black, Blue, Green, Moss, Navy, Pink, Red and Yellow.

- Additional Items -
.Entwined. Rose / Greyscale - VivienMarli {Mainstore}
2PM. Need me band / black - peachbaekdo - No longer for sale
{Petite Bowtique} LPA Dotty Sneakers - Manuela Wardark - No longer for sale
{Lula Belle} Gladys Sandals - CARAMEL [TD Baby Fitted] - KatelynZachary {Mainstore}
*barberyumyum*T02(anime) - toraji Voom {Mainstore}
{ Bellybean } Peace - Bellamarie Braveheart {Marketplace}
ToddleedooStore - Toddleedoo Baby Body (Non Fitted) 3.9 - ToddleedooStore {Mainstore}
 ~ToddleeDoo - Baby (v.4.0.8 FITTED) -  ToddleedooStore {Mainstore}

Tuesday, August 28, 2018


*Trying to steal a tiara from a sleeping kitty ain't easy*

- Featured Item -
{Lula Belle} Flora Romper - Blush - KatelynZachary {Thimble}
Fots Toddleedoo Fitted and Bebe Body Fits. Comes in Blush, Lilac, Mint, Peach, Sky and Sunshine

- Additional Items -
{moss&mink} Modern Princess - Draped Bed Light - Cielo Capalini {Arcade}
{moss&mink} Modern Princess - Princess Kitty RARE - Cielo Capalini {Arcade}
{moss&mink} Modern Princess - Keepsake Boxes (Light) - Cielo Capalini {Arcade}
{moss&mink} Modern Princess - Side Table (Light) -  Cielo Capalini {Arcade}
bonbon - bae hair [pack A] - KittyNapKitKat {Mainstore}
{moss&mink} Tufted ottoman - Cielo Capalini {Mainstore}
Ariskea [ Natura] Hydrangea Green - Diaxm Resident {Mainstore}
*Gacha Item*

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Stylish Survivor

I did it! I Survived RSC Dino Camp and I did it while looking super stylish. 
*flips hair*

- Featured Item -
{Little Miss} Parka Vest FATPACK *TD Baby (non-fitted) - Diane Kimagawa {Mainstore} 
{Little Miss} Parka Vest Tee HUD - Colors - Diane Kimagawa {Mainstore} 
 Fits Toddleedoo Baby (Non Fitted Only). Comes in Black, Blue, Fuchsia, Mint, Moss, Navy, Peach, Pink, Red and Yellow. Each vest comes with a default T-Shirt HUD with Black and White color. For an additional purchase you can pick up the Colors Hud which has 13 additional colors plus black and white for a total of 15 colors.  

- Additional Items - 
RSC Summer 2018 ID Card  - Not for sale as this was something for camp. 
REIGN.- Hippy Glasses # 14 - KenadeeCole - This was a Gacha, check MP for extras
.S&S.  Tiny Tims  - Wheat - Henry Haystack {Marketplace}
:CHEVEUX:M088 BANDANA Hair 10 - mariru Catnap {Mainstore} 
[ELODIE] Sammy - Ellievanillie  {Mainstore}

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Teagan vs The Sword

- Featured Items -
~Lazo - Hera Capris - distressed - Larina Enzo {Mainstore}
 Fits for TD Baby fitted and Bebe Body fitted only. Five colors per pack and two fatpack exclusive colors. 

~Lazo - Pixie Dress - Larina Enzo {Shop Hop}
 Comes in TD Baby, TD Kid and Bebe Body sizes (not fitted). Six colors in one pack

[SC] Say Cheese - The Sword in the Stone - Jany Bluebird {Shop Hop}  
Fits two Toddleedoo Avi's. Adjustable.

- Additional Items -
[M] Bebe Penelope Shirt (Fitted) - Tea Cake - Cary Forsythe {Mainstore}
{L.F.C} Mocassim BEBE FITTED- 04 N/B - Annyzinhbaby {Hello Beautiful}
{L.F.C} Mocassim BEBE FITTED- PINK RARE1 Annyzinhbaby {Hello Beautiful}
/Wasabi Pills/ Bianca Mesh Hair - Style 1 - B&W - MissAllSunday Lemon {Mainstore}
 Bad Seed Bebe Body V 2.3.1 - Eeilee {Mainstore}

Sunday, August 12, 2018

A Dino!

- Featured Item -
[m.] journey bac-pac:CAMO: green - Izabella Dartmouth {Mainstore}
Comes in Rigged and Non Rigged Versions in each color. Bags come in Purple, Pink, Grey, Green Brown, Black and Blue.

- Additional Items -
.S&S.  Tiny Tims  - Wheat - Henry Haystack {Marketplace}
~Lazo - Chino Pants - Larina Enzo {Mainstore}
~Lazo - Fallon Shirt -  Larina Enzo {Mainstore}
RSC Club - Not for sale
Izzie's - Face & Body Dirt & Mud - Izzie Button {Mainstore} 

Location: RSC CAMP

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Camp Cutie

- Featured Item -
[m.] journey jumper: PINK-CAMO: brown - Izabella Dartmouth {Mainstore}
7 Colors to choose from. Fits Toddleedoo Baby UNFITTED. 

- Additional Items -
Foxy - Heat Wave Gacha 'Miami Hair' RARE - Liza Broono {Epiphany}
{P*D} - Slip on Sneakers - white - Adelyner - No longer for sale
REIGN.- Hippy Glasses # 14 - KenadeeCole - This was a Gacha, check MP for extras
RSC Summer 2018 ID Card  - Not for sale as this was something for camp.